Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, MO. Watch Out For This!


Getting properties under contract and selling the asset to a cash investor is called wholesaling properties (simple definition).  


In St. Louis, MO. you can find these properties marketing for motivated sellers in a number of ways.  


You can do a Google search or even watch countless videos on YouTube to learn how to succeed in it more extensively.  


But once you get a property under contract then you have to find a cash buyer for it assuming that you don’t have one.  


It sounds very easy and the process is basically just that but it can take a little work along with a great amount of patience so be ready for that part.  


When you are at the beginning of your business there is one thing that you will probably run into and you must be aware of it:  THE VULTURES.  


Of course after reading the big bold letters and you are wondering what “THE VULTURES” are and how to avoid them.  


This term refers to “real estate investors” that want to get your deals under contract to do the exact same thing that you are trying to do.  


I’m not talking about the cash buyer that purchases multiple properties a month to fix and flip or to fix up and use for cash flow.  


I’m talking about the newbie or the questionable “investor” who wants to profit off of your wholesale properties because they see “meat on the bone.”  


In my area in St. Louis, some of these investors see your wholesale properties as their way screw you and the end buyer out of more money than you all would normally see.  


Wholesale properties in St. Louis, MO. and in likely every major city in the U.S. have people like this to take advantage because as wholesaler you may have “meat on the bone.”  


I’d rather stay away from those type of investors and leave the profits for my end buyer because I want to establish a great relationship with them to bring the best properties as often as possible.  


Don’t let your hard work go unrecognized that will turn your pockets into a leaking paper dispenser.  


Build a buyer’s list send your deals to and don’t let “THE VULTURES” get your deal under contract to take from you.  


Don’t get this mixed up with co-wholesaling with another investor to help you get rid of a deal that you are having trouble selling.  


There is a difference and if you are a beginner at some point you will run into “THE VULTURES.”  


I really hoped that I explained this correctly. Don’t forget to sign up for our exclusive email list of buyers.


Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, MO. Buyer’s List

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