Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, Missouri for Cash Investors

Wholesale Properties in St. Louis Missouri

Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, Missouri for Cash Investors


Are you getting huge wholesale discounts when you purchase properties in the St. Louis, Missouri area for your real estate portfolio?  


Are you buying off market or non multiple listing services (MLS) properties?  


How much cash are putting in your properties?  


These are all questions along with more that you have to consider while investing in real estate not only in the Saint Louis, Missouri area but in whatever market that you are investing in.  


My great hometown of St. Louis has great opportunities for cash investing real estate investors who buy wholesale properties.  


We market to real estate owners who need to get out of their homes and then pass our deals along to private investors like yourself.  


Whether it’s a distressed homes, rental properties, tired of being  landlord or whatever your situation is we help those type of investors.  


Are you rehabbing homes in St. Louis (fix and flip) or are you interesting in cash flow properties?  


We can also help you get the type of properties for your investing style as well.


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Rehab Properties In Saint. Louis, MO. Cash Real Estate

Rehab Properties St. Louis

Rehab Properties In Saint Louis, MO. Cash Real Estate


Cash real estate investors have many styles to what they do and some are very successful implementing those styles.  


Wholesaling, fix and flip, cash flow, etc. are a few of the ways in which cash buyers of real estate prosper.  


Now other type of investors diversify their own way of investing in real estate too but cash buyers are unique in their approach.  


They are always analyzing different methods but really staying true to what “brought them to the party” sort of speak for the most part.


Here in St. Louis, one way for them to do those many things is to rehab properties when they buy them at wholesale.  


Note:  I understand that other markets do this as well BUT I’m just speaking specifically to my market here in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.  


Rehabbing properties in the Saint. Louis area can be successful if you know what you are doing and HOW to buy properties and analyze them first.


Before you buy STL houses and properties make sure that you join our list for any available inventory.  


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STL Wholesale Houses And Investment Properties Available

STL Wholesale Houses

STL Wholesale Houses And Investment Properties Available


It is said that a large portion of the real estate market operates traditionally.  


In other words most of the transactions are done when there is a buyer, seller, real estate agent and lenders for financing.


Through a process of credit worthiness, job history and down payment of cash, buying a home at retail is the norm.  


Cash buyers are interested in wholesale houses and properties because they can purchase them cheaper than buying via a realtor.  


As an investor, the benefits and control that comes with purchasing STL wholesale houses can be enormous.  


Does 30-50% less sounds great to you?  


Are you a wholesaler or interested in fix and flips?  


Is cash flow your thing?  


Whatever your investing style is, we get STL wholesale houses under contract and let our VIP email list see our properties first.  


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Find STL Wholesale Homes At A Deep Discount

STL Wholesale homes

Find STL Wholesale Homes At A Deep Discount


Buying homes at wholesale prices are not only profitable but exciting as well.  


It’s something about buying investment property at a discount and possibly making huge profits down the line.  


Now granted putting a few bucks into it can be costly if the rehab is not factored into your budget properly but the feeling that you get for buying at a discount is really rewarding.  


Finding STL wholesale homes consistently can be a challenge especially to outside real estate investors for reasons such as non familiarity to the area and others as well.  


When you sign up for our VIP email list, you can get to see our available properties first and if you buy a property from us we will talk to you on the phone to see what your needs are.  


We want to stay in contact with our buyers to build relationships and our business at the same time.


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Wholesale Real Estate St. Louis Cash Buyers Sign Up Here!

Wholesale Real Estate St. Louis

Wholesale Real Estate St. Louis Cash Buyers Sign Up 


The real estate market is getting better and better daily from the housing bubble and complete financial crisis of 2008.  


Investors were so confused as many others too and looking for consistent and safe investments.  


Buying wholesale real estate properties in places like St. Louis can be profitable for cash investors.  


Even after the market has corrected you can still find pretty good deals for portfolios whether you’re a local or out of town investor.


Wholesale real estate in St. Louis, MO. has opportunities for any investor who wants a good return on investment in properties in really decent areas as well. 


Whether it’s a fixer upper home and you want to turn it into a rental property or whatever the case is, joining our exclusive email list to see our available properties might be beneficial to you.


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Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, MO. Watch Out For This!

Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, MO.

Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, MO. Watch Out For This!


Getting properties under contract and selling the asset to a cash investor is called wholesaling properties (simple definition).  


In St. Louis, MO. you can find these properties marketing for motivated sellers in a number of ways.  


You can do a Google search or even watch countless videos on YouTube to learn how to succeed in it more extensively.  


But once you get a property under contract then you have to find a cash buyer for it assuming that you don’t have one.  


It sounds very easy and the process is basically just that but it can take a little work along with a great amount of patience so be ready for that part.  


When you are at the beginning of your business there is one thing that you will probably run into and you must be aware of it:  THE VULTURES.  


Of course after reading the big bold letters and you are wondering what “THE VULTURES” are and how to avoid them.  


This term refers to “real estate investors” that want to get your deals under contract to do the exact same thing that you are trying to do.  


I’m not talking about the cash buyer that purchases multiple properties a month to fix and flip or to fix up and use for cash flow.  


I’m talking about the newbie or the questionable “investor” who wants to profit off of your wholesale properties because they see “meat on the bone.”  


In my area in St. Louis, some of these investors see your wholesale properties as their way screw you and the end buyer out of more money than you all would normally see.  


Wholesale properties in St. Louis, MO. and in likely every major city in the U.S. have people like this to take advantage because as wholesaler you may have “meat on the bone.”  


I’d rather stay away from those type of investors and leave the profits for my end buyer because I want to establish a great relationship with them to bring the best properties as often as possible.  


Don’t let your hard work go unrecognized that will turn your pockets into a leaking paper dispenser.  


Build a buyer’s list send your deals to and don’t let “THE VULTURES” get your deal under contract to take from you.  


Don’t get this mixed up with co-wholesaling with another investor to help you get rid of a deal that you are having trouble selling.  


There is a difference and if you are a beginner at some point you will run into “THE VULTURES.”  


I really hoped that I explained this correctly. Don’t forget to sign up for our exclusive email list of buyers.


Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, MO. Buyer’s List

St Louis Wholesale Homes For Cash Buyer Real Estate Investors

St. Louis Wholesale Homes

St. Louis Wholesale Homes For Cash Buying Real Estate Investors Who Purchase Discount Properties


In St Louis wholesale homes are available by investors if you can find the right ones as a cash buying real estate investor.  


Wholesale homes or cheap houses for sale for cash investors seem to be few and far between if you are a newbie investor or even a retail buyer.  


In St. Louis County and even St. Charles, MO. there are distressed homes for sale and eager sellers wanting to build relationships with cash buyers to unload huge profit potential properties.  


St. Louis wholesale properties are readily available for cash buyers but is it the right situation for your investment portfolio?  


If the answer is yes or even “I don’t know” then we would love to work with you and get properties in the areas around town that you like and with the type of wholesale real estate properties that you prefer in St. Louis and the surrounding areas as well.  


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