Distressed St Louis Properties Cheaper Investments Then Or Now?

distressed st louis properties

With inventory levels shrinking in many parts of the country, are distressed St Louis Properties cheaper than they were a few years back?     I’m not sure if they are or not but I will give my commentary on the matter.     I will try to keep out statistics because sometimes they can…

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Distressed Properties In St. Louis Real Estate Investors Welcomed

distressed properties in st louis

Distressed properties in St Louis MO were flying off the market around 2010-2012 not only in the St. Louis, MO. area but in many markets in the U.S.     This was due to the near market collapse of 2008 and by real estate investors buying at this time it indicates the beginning of a…

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St. Louis Distressed Properties Ready For Purchase

St. Louis Distressed Properties

St. Louis Distressed Properties Ready For Purchase   Real estate investors looking to score properties in the St. Louis metro area love to find awesome deals.     They can do just that with distressed properties in which can be purchased for cash.     Investors absolutely love deals that they can flip or buy…

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