Wholesale Properties In St. Louis, Missouri for Cash Investors


Are you getting huge wholesale discounts when you purchase properties in the St. Louis, Missouri area for your real estate portfolio?  


Are you buying off market or non multiple listing services (MLS) properties?  


How much cash are putting in your properties?  


These are all questions along with more that you have to consider while investing in real estate not only in the Saint Louis, Missouri area but in whatever market that you are investing in.  


My great hometown of St. Louis has great opportunities for cash investing real estate investors who buy wholesale properties.  


We market to real estate owners who need to get out of their homes and then pass our deals along to private investors like yourself.  


Whether it’s a distressed homes, rental properties, tired of being  landlord or whatever your situation is we help those type of investors.  


Are you rehabbing homes in St. Louis (fix and flip) or are you interesting in cash flow properties?  


We can also help you get the type of properties for your investing style as well.


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