Saint Louis County Real Estate Investments For Cash Buyers

Saint Louis County Real Estate Investments

Saint Louis County real estate investments are very competitive for cash buying investors.  


When an awesome deal is available there are a number of people “knocking on the door” and some almost tearing it down in some cases.  


It is amazing to see the response when I have a property for sale in a great area of St. Louis County.  


The response from cash investors are very strong when the location and price is right.  


Why Saint Louis County Real Estate Investments Are Awesome?


Investors can get competitively price properties in some very solid areas such as Affton, Florissant, Hazelwood, etc. 


Sometimes the home may only need carpet, paint and a few other fix ups that may only cost $500 to $1,000!


Cash buyers love a great deal and investing in real estate makes it possible especially in parts of St. Louis County such as Chesterfield, Ballwin, Florissant, Ferguson, Affton, etc.  


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Saint Louis County Real Estate Investing Discounts Are Legit And Ready

saint louis county real estate investing

Many real estate investors really like the Saint Louis County market and getting a discount with Saint Louis County real estate investing opportunities is an eye opener.  


Buying real estate at a discount is the goal of almost everyone especially if it’s in a great area.


Saint Louis County provides just that depending on your investing style and needs.  


You can buy investment properties in respectable areas from $30 to $50K and still make a profit and/or cash flow.  


Any Specific Saint Louis County Real Estate Investing Areas?


There are some very nice areas of places like Florissant and Hazelwood along with many other areas where investors can find great properties.  


Other areas that are so underrated are Ferguson, Bridgeton and many areas of South County as well.


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Investment Properties Saint Louis MO Waiting For Buyers

investment properties saint louis mo

There is never a shortage of investment properties Saint Louis MO metropolitan areas for cash buyers.  


Now some may disagree but others will agree with that statement because they believe in the old adage, “it’s who you know.”  


At certain times throughout history there has been an inventory shortage of retail properties which is understandable.  


It’s the majority of the housing market where that applies to and it’s definitely has a mountain of truth behind it as well.  


But what about the other 5-10% of the housing market where good deals are always residing?  


Investment Properties Saint Louis MO 


In Saint Louis and in other markets, there are a segment of investors that understand that portion of the market very well and always thrive in it as well.


Cash buyers are these type of opportunities are a match made in “investment property heaven” sort of speak.  


Deals do exist in St. Louis and I know that buyers are hungry and waiting for the opportunity to to cash in on investment properties in my area.  


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Saint Louis MO Real Estate Investing Best Style For You

saint louis mo real estate investing

Saint Louis MO real estate investing is unique in it’s own way just as any other Midwest city would be if you asked other investors.  


St. Louis is a great town for a lot of different things but our area is pretty cool because the location allows for a diverse way to invest.  


We have plenty of municipalities outside of the city limits that are similar in some ways such as the type of homes like single family ranch style.  


You can invest in ways such as fix and flip, cash flow investing, tax liens, wholesaling real estate, etc.  


Saint Louis MO Real Estate Investing Truths


The one commonality of all of the different investing styles is that every investor wants to purchase at a discount which is smart.  


There’s nothing wrong with spending less to get more in terms of real estate.


There are many other styles as well but which style is the best for your investing needs?  


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St. Louis Real Estate Investment Property for Cash Buyers

St. Louis Real Estate Investment

St. Louis Real Estate Investment Property for Cash Buyers


Real estate cash buyers love deals specially at deep discounts and in great areas of course.  


In the St. Louis, MO. area, these type of deals and areas exist but the problem is finding the right investor to offer great properties to you at a cheap price.  


As a cash investor you should contact as many other investors who offer these wholesale deals and build relationships with them.  


Purchasing real estate at wholesale prices in St. Louis can be SO profitable but your needs should be clear to your seller too.  


Investment properties in this our area can come with some perks such as profits, cash flow, and more profits and cash flow!  


Sounds counter intuitive and confusing but build relationships can strengthen many things around finding investment properties in St. Louis for your business.  


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Serious Real Estate Investors Are Welcomed Only!

Serious Real Estate Investors Only

Serious Real Estate Investors Only!


Hello my fellow real estate investors interested in the real estate market in the St. Louis, MO. metro areas.  


Though we understand how difficult it can be to break through this business, we respect every investor.


But sometimes you have to focus and zero in on a particular type of investor and for us it’s an all cash buyer.


We understand that many people have cash but everyone isn’t a seasoned investor.


Every “real estate investor” will not be serious about purchasing our properties too.  


We know this and it’s part of the business and so therefore we want to eliminate as much of “the fluff” as possible.


This is one of the reasons that we require a $2,500 non refundable earnest money once a deal is in principle.  


The funds go to the title company or attorney along with the entire real estate transaction.


This will weed out any investors that are not serious about purchasing a property from us.


We are looking for serious cash buyers only to work with and I will be glad to sell you our deep discount deals.