There are vacant buildings in Saint Louis County that are sitting around waiting for real estate investors to scoop them up.  


There is an unspoken battle to find empty properties and make some good money doing so.  


Of course we are not talking about all vacant buildings in Saint Louis County in every sector of the metro area.


For the sake of the article, we are ONLY referring to residential real estate (imagine that…HHAAAAAAA!).  


These great properties just don’t last long once discovered by cash investors.


3 Types Of Vacant Buildings In Saint Louis County That Peaks Interest


Now what peaks the interest of real estate investors in St. Louis County, MO are different things because everyone has a different investing style.


I’m sure there are many other types or more but this is just my perspective of the action that I’ve either been apart of or observed.  


  1. Unoccupied Property for a Long Time-Investors see opportunity when a vacant property has been unoccupied for a significant amount of time in Saint Louis County.  If the upkeep on the property is suffering a bit, then the chances are better that the owner wants to sell it.
  2.  The Proverbial 3 Bed/2 Bath Vacant Buildings in Saint Louis County-These properties are considered GOLD to many real estate investors.  These are the most sought after vacant residential buildings in St. Louis County, MO. and probably in any market.
  3.  Properties Where Active Cash Buyers Are Acquiring Real Estate-Savvy investors ears, eyes and toes perk up when vacant buildings in Saint Louis County are available.  But knowing that cash buyers are buying left and right where you purchased a vacant property can be a blessing in disguise. 



Why Vacant Buildings In Saint Louis County Are Bought Fast


The property values are better in St. Louis County compared to most places within the city limits per square mile.  


Investors see that and quickly form a decision to put their capital towards projects that will give them a better return on investment.


Some may dispute consistent and increasing property values as a factor to why these properties are purchased fast.


I can’t think of too many other reasons to support anything different than better property values.


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