St. Louis County Property Auction House Buyer Deals


Cash buyers for real estate properties can really get some great deals in the St. Louis County, MO. area if they are connected to the right people or companies.  


Similar to purchasing from the county court steps or the auction house, when a cash purchase occurs it is most likely a distressed property that needs some sort of work.  


Sometimes it maybe a little work like carpet and paint or the bare essentials to get a property cash flowing or sold quickly.  


Other times it can be a bigger task because the home was unoccupied for  long period of time and needs updating.  


Regardless of the strategy that works for your portfolio, there’s opportunity for you to purchase properties for cash right here in the St. Louis area.  


We send out an email blast to our select client base when we have properties available.  


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St. Louis County Property Auction House Buyer’s Wanted!

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