Serious Real Estate Investors Only!


Hello my fellow real estate investors interested in the real estate market in the St. Louis, MO. metro areas.  


Though we understand how difficult it can be to break through this business, we respect every investor.


But sometimes you have to focus and zero in on a particular type of investor and for us it’s an all cash buyer.


We understand that many people have cash but everyone isn’t a seasoned investor.


Every “real estate investor” will not be serious about purchasing our properties too.  


We know this and it’s part of the business and so therefore we want to eliminate as much of “the fluff” as possible.


This is one of the reasons that we require a $2,500 non refundable earnest money once a deal is in principle.  


The funds go to the title company or attorney along with the entire real estate transaction.


This will weed out any investors that are not serious about purchasing a property from us.


We are looking for serious cash buyers only to work with and I will be glad to sell you our deep discount deals.

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