Flipping Houses In St. Louis, MO.-Is It Easy Or Difficult?


I was thinking about the subject of flipping homes in the St. Louis, MO. metropolitan area which is where I reside.


The reason was because I see many indicators such as the “We Buy Houses” signs, flyers in my local hardware stores and on the internet.  


Talking to a few real real estate agents as well sparked my interest in the topic as well.  


Actually it can be both EASY and/or DIFFICULT to flip houses in this area.  


I would imagine that the same rules will apply in almost every area with some exceptions.  


It really depends upon you and your real estate strategy.  What areas are you buying in? What is your time frame for unloading the property?  How many properties like these are you purchasing.


Do you prefer to flip cheap homes or high end?


Many questions can be answered to determined how difficult or easy flipping houses is in the St. Louis, MO. area and in yours as well.


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