Best Areas For Cheap Homes In Saint Louis, MO. for Cash Investors


The best areas for cheap homes in Saint Louis, MO. for cash investors is debatable because where ever a deal can be done is always considered hitting the jackpot.  


Some may feel this way and I can’t blame them because they are happy and ecstatic that they got a tremendous deal on a property especially if it’s in a prime location.


St. Louis can be a bit tricky because of the many municipalities as well.  


You have some really great areas where investors can thrive in such as Florissant, Ferguson, Affton, Hazelwood, along with many other locations within the City limits, South, North and West County.  


I could write an entire thesis on this beautiful hometown of mine and make a strong case for cash investors to buy especially if it’s an off market property that makes financial sense in terms off buying at a discount.


Many real estate investors love the cash flow from rental properties and the cash out aspect from a fix and flip as long as it’s a cheap property.  


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