Cash Flow Properties St Louis for Any Cash Investor


What type of real estate investor are you?   


The answer that I get a lot is cash flow investor when I ask this question to investors.  


Using cash flow is a great way to add diversity to your real estate portfolio and monthly income to your bank account.


When you buy property and rent it out to tenants, the goal is to pay for everything such as mortgages, taxes, property management, etc. and still have cash left over.  


Once everything is paid then the difference goes to the investor which is considered “cash flow.”  


The numbers in terms of what type or how much ash flow per door (tenant) varies.  

For instance if an investor purchased an 8 bedroom apartment building and has $2800/month left over after expenses, then the property is cash flowing and “above water” $350 per door.  


Discount cash flowing deals work well if you are a savvy investor with a plan to add monthly income.  


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