Saint Louis County, MO. Foreclosure Auction Buyer’s Wanted

Saint Louis County Foreclosure Auction

Saint Louis County, MO. Foreclosure Auction Buyer’s Wanted


Attention all foreclosure auction real estate investors who are looking for cheap properties in the Saint Louis County, MO. area…PLEASE JOIN OUR EXCLUSIVE VIP EMAIL LIST FOR OUR DEALS!  


If you are new to our area then you are in for a profitable journey for your real estate portfolio!  


We have what investors are looking for with ranch style homes to split levels and a lot more throughout our area.  


We send out email blasts to our list along with photos, videos and other information once we have a property available.  


The St. Louis real estate market is smoking hot right now and we know how to find acceptable properties in great areas for our client list.  


We do all cash transactions via a respectable title company who handles everything in a professional manner.  


We welcome foreclosure auction buyers who want to purchase distressed properties to fix and flip, rental properties or for whatever real estate strategy that works for you.


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St. Louis, MO. Real Estate & Deep Discount Properties

St. Louis Real Estate For Sale

The real estate market in St. Louis, MO. is on fire right now!


Properties are being purchased as soon as they are going on the market.  


Title companies, real estate agents, inspectors along with everyone else who is involved with the purchase and exchange of properties are very happy because they are making money.  


Not a bad time right now but is the market priced right?  


I guess the aforementioned really don’t care because they will adjust anyways as changes occur.  


It’s a feeding frenzy but I like to find properties at a deep discount for my clients.  It’s an easy process because the transactions are all cash and a seamless process.  


I think they like this because the areas are great for rentals and it brings them more profits.  


To see our deals you must join our email list.  It’s very easy:  Click here on enter on the side bar (desktop) or below (mobile) and enter your name and email.  


As our discounted properties are available, we will send you all the pictures and videos, etc. for you to contact us and get additional information such as our Title company.  


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Flipping Houses In St. Louis, MO.-Is It Easy Or Difficult?

Flipping Houses in St. Louis, MO.

Flipping Houses In St. Louis, MO.-Is It Easy Or Difficult?


I was thinking about the subject of flipping homes in the St. Louis, MO. metropolitan area which is where I reside.


The reason was because I see many indicators such as the “We Buy Houses” signs, flyers in my local hardware stores and on the internet.  


Talking to a few real real estate agents as well sparked my interest in the topic as well.  


Actually it can be both EASY and/or DIFFICULT to flip houses in this area.  


I would imagine that the same rules will apply in almost every area with some exceptions.  


It really depends upon you and your real estate strategy.  What areas are you buying in? What is your time frame for unloading the property?  How many properties like these are you purchasing.


Do you prefer to flip cheap homes or high end?


Many questions can be answered to determined how difficult or easy flipping houses is in the St. Louis, MO. area and in yours as well.


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Cheap Homes In St. Louis, MO. And The Surrounding Areas

Cheap Homes In St. Louis, MO.

Cheap Homes In St. Louis, MO. And The Surrounding Areas


There are cheap homes in the St. Louis, MO. metropolitan area that are very interesting to real estate investors.


We have a variety of type homes in this region including the popular 3 bedroom 2 baths ranch style.


Many of these homes we acquire for our clients at a great discount.


We are house flippers who find cheap homes in the St. Louis, MO. area for other real estate investors who may do a variety of things with the properties such as fix and flip.


Investment properties in St. Louis are acquired many ways and through different channels.


We have proprietary methods on how we purchase these properties too which we don’t share but we keep the investor in mind because we understand that everyone must make money.


So join our exclusive VIP buyer’s list NOW to be one of the first to see cheap homes to add to your investment portfolio.

Investment Properties In St. Louis, MO. Can Be Profitable

St. Louis Investment Property

Investment Properties In St. Louis, MO. Can Be Profitable


As a lifelong resident of the St. Louis, MO. metropolitan area, I always notice investment properties spiking up.


Not that it happens often but more so in moderation when I am driving around.


It jumps out at me because I’m familiar with where homes are bought and obviously the areas where investors buy.


If you are an investor looking to score investment properties in the St. Louis, MO. area, then feel free to join our VIP buyer’s list.


There are some great areas with very good properties that have great profit margin potential.


We will love to work with you and establish a great relationship!

St. Louis Fixer Uppers Can Maximize A Portfolio

St. Louis Fixer Uppers

Real estate investors come with many different styles of investing but buying a fixer upper property can put cash in your pocket.


In the St. Louis, MO. surrounding area there are many fixer upper type properties that are waiting to bought.


These properties can be purchased at a deep discount too.


Whether an investor decides to do a fix and rent the home, fixer uppers in St. Louis, MO. can maximize portfolios.


Depending on how many properties an investors buys, the quality of the deal and who what area it’s purchased in plays a vital role.


As a strategic real estate investor you can acquire St. Louis fixer upper properties and your portfolio can grow with great ROI.


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Can Bank Owned Homes in St. Louis, MO. Be Sold Fast?

Bank Owned Homes in St. Louis MO.

Can Bank Owned Homes in St.Louis, MO. Be Sold Fast?


Bank owned homes in St. Louis, MO. and the surrounding areas can be sold as quickly as anything else depending if you have the cash.


Your best source in dealing with bank owned properties is obviously a real estate agent who specializes in REO’s.


They will be your best friend especially if you are a cash buyer who can make deals happen.


A real estate agent dealing with bank owned properties will be ok more times than not closing quickly.


When we have these type of properties in our inventory, we want to close quickly as well.


Though if buying through a website like Homepath, there will a process that you have to go through but you will be fine.


Buying real estate isn’t that hard if you are following the leads of  real estate agents or sellers.


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Serious Real Estate Investors Are Welcomed Only!

Serious Real Estate Investors Only

Serious Real Estate Investors Only!


Hello my fellow real estate investors interested in the real estate market in the St. Louis, MO. metro areas.  


Though we understand how difficult it can be to break through this business, we respect every investor.


But sometimes you have to focus and zero in on a particular type of investor and for us it’s an all cash buyer.


We understand that many people have cash but everyone isn’t a seasoned investor.


Every “real estate investor” will not be serious about purchasing our properties too.  


We know this and it’s part of the business and so therefore we want to eliminate as much of “the fluff” as possible.


This is one of the reasons that we require a $2,500 non refundable earnest money once a deal is in principle.  


The funds go to the title company or attorney along with the entire real estate transaction.


This will weed out any investors that are not serious about purchasing a property from us.


We are looking for serious cash buyers only to work with and I will be glad to sell you our deep discount deals.