Can St Louis MO Distressed Properties Increase Your Portfolio Value?

St Louis MO distressed properties

St Louis MO distressed properties are as prevalent as American pie but I can probably say that for most (if not all) cities in the U.S.    After the financial collapse of 2008, there were many properties that were physically distressed.    During that time almost anyone could get a loan for a property even…

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4 Ways Cheap Homes For Sale In Saint Louis County Can Benefit You

Cheap Homes For Sale In Saint Louis County

As a cash investor in the St. Louis area, cheap homes for sale in Saint Louis County have always been intriguing.     You can get a great property in a nice area that you can benefit from in the short and long term.     Investors from almost any sector will take wins like…

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Vacant Buildings In Saint Louis County and Why They Don’t Last Long

Vacant buildings in Saint Louis County

There are vacant buildings in Saint Louis County that are sitting around waiting for real estate investors to scoop them up.     There is an unspoken battle to find empty properties and make some good money doing so.     Of course we are not talking about all vacant buildings in Saint Louis County…

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Saint Louis County Owned Property-Real Estate Investors Want It Now!

Saint Louis County Owned Property

Saint Louis County owned property is usually cheaper than normal in most of the area.     The county has a responsibility to other residents to keep things in order so it acquires real estate occasionally.     This is mainly due to unpaid taxes and a few “don’t wanters” that make up the inventory…

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STL Investment Properties To Build Your Real Estate Business

STL Investment Properties To Build Your Real Estate Business

The opportunities are boundless with Stl Investment properties all over our unique Saint Louis, Missouri area.     Real estate investors are working feverishly to find the best deals while inventory levels appear to be getting lower.     From 2008 to 2010, property prices were at a low level due the the massive economic…

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Distressed St Louis Properties Cheaper Investments Then Or Now?

distressed st louis properties

With inventory levels shrinking in many parts of the country, are distressed St Louis Properties cheaper than they were a few years back?     I’m not sure if they are or not but I will give my commentary on the matter.     I will try to keep out statistics because sometimes they can…

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Saint Louis County Property Auction Or Tax Sale Every August?

saint louis county property auction

Someone asked me the other day, “Does Saint Louis County property auction happens in August or is it a tax sale?”     I was a little befuddled about the question because I never knew a whole lot about it.   But for some reason I did remember something about it being in the month…

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Solid Houses for Sale By Owner Saint Louis MO Area

Houses For Sale By Owner Saint Louis

There are solid houses for sale by owner Saint Louis MO that are off market.     St. Louis, MO. is known for a lot of things such as The Arch, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, Anheuser Busch brewery, thin crust St. Louis style pizza and many other things.     Some reputable companies are headquartered…

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Are Bank Owned Homes In Saint Louis MO Worth The Hassle?

bank owned homes in saint louis mo

There are great opportunities with bank owned homes in Saint Louis MO especially when the inventory is available to do so but acquiring them can sometimes be a headache.  Purchasing bank owned properties in St. Louis in any market can be a pain especially if you are a newbie.   Are Bank Owned Homes In…

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Saint Louis MO. Cash Flow Deals For Investors

Saint Louis MO Cash Flow Deals

Saint Louis MO cash flow deals for investors when real estate is purchased in the St Louis, MO. are widely available.     Purchasing property for cash flow is not a new thing but sometimes new investors make so many mistakes by looking at other things such as the rental income more so than the…

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