Can St Louis MO Distressed Properties Increase Your Portfolio Value?

St Louis MO distressed properties

St Louis MO distressed properties are as prevalent as American pie but I can probably say that for most (if not all) cities in the U.S. 


After the financial collapse of 2008, there were many properties that were physically distressed. 


During that time almost anyone could get a loan for a property even if they didn’t have actual income. 


This created a HUGE problem for lenders and left many properties in ruins.


Benefit of St Louis MO Distressed Properties For Investors


There are some benefits for cash investors who add St Louis MO distressed properties to their portfolios. 


Remember the old adage, “Buy low and Sell high?” 


That is the entire premise behind buying cheap real estate in good areas. 


There is nothing wrong with that philosophy at all but can you imagine doing the opposite? 


It’s scary to even think about over paying for something to later sell it for less than you originally purchased it. 


That’s called a “bad investment” or an incompetent investor in most quarters.


Cons of St Louis MO Distressed Properties And Why


If you happen to purchase a distressed property in a not favorable area or if your analysis is wrong, then you can lose a portion of your investment. 


The oldest saying in real estate is, “Location…Location…Location” which implies buying in the right area so that you won’t lose your shirt (sort of speak). 


What happens when an investor is paying out more than their rental property is producing? 


The answer is “deep trouble” because your liabilities should never be more than your income on a rental property. 


It’s called negative cash flow and it can get you in trouble quickly.


Turning Ugly Distressed Properties Into Positive Assets


St Louis MO distressed properties are turned into very good investments by great management from start to finish. 


Some investors don’t focus on planning and therefore it ca get their entire project in deep water. 


Also having the right team in place can be a huge force into turning ugly properties into positive assets.


What Other Ways Can St Louis MO Distressed Properties Bring Great Value To Cash Investors?

4 Ways Cheap Homes For Sale In Saint Louis County Can Benefit You

Cheap Homes For Sale In Saint Louis County

As a cash investor in the St. Louis area, cheap homes for sale in Saint Louis County have always been intriguing.  


You can get a great property in a nice area that you can benefit from in the short and long term.  


Investors from almost any sector will take wins like this especially when you can have tax benefits as well.  


In this article I’m not going to highlight tax benefits thoroughly at all but I will discuss how cheap homes for sale in Saint Louis County can be great for you.


Cheap Homes For Sale In Saint Louis County Allows You to Control 

As a wholesaler of real estate, you will learn many things about the business and surrounding area that you operate in.


One of those things is understanding that cheap homes for sale in Saint Louis County can be controlled when under contract.


It gives you an equitable interest in said property which allows you to do things such as market the contract to other investors.


Get The Right Location That You Are Looking For


You’ve heard that the most important thing in real estate is location. 


There’s definitely a lot of truth to that especially if you can salvage cheap property in Saint Louis County. 


When you choose the right location it can make a difference for potential returns of your portfolio regardless of the real estate condition


Cash Flow Income w/Cheap Property In Saint Louis County


Cheap property in Saint Louis County can be turned into ‘gold’ for real estate investors with cash flow income


When these homes are for sale and subsequently sold to cash flow investors, they may rent the property for good cash flow income. 


Not bad especially if the property ends up on the plus side or the investor gets positive cash flow.


Cash Out Refinance And Get More Investment Properties


Cheap homes for sale in Saint Louis County can enable a savvy investor to purchase for more investment properties by doing a cash out refinance


This is one of the oldest tricks by investors who buy deep discount properties that have equity in them. 


Investors can go to lenders to receive 75 to 100% loan to value (LTV) backed by their property and get loans to then do what they want with the cash.


Are There Any Other Ways Cheap Properties For Sale In Saint Louis County Can Benefit Real Estate Investors?

Vacant Buildings In Saint Louis County and Why They Don’t Last Long

Vacant buildings in Saint Louis County

There are vacant buildings in Saint Louis County that are sitting around waiting for real estate investors to scoop them up.  


There is an unspoken battle to find empty properties and make some good money doing so.  


Of course we are not talking about all vacant buildings in Saint Louis County in every sector of the metro area.


For the sake of the article, we are ONLY referring to residential real estate (imagine that…HHAAAAAAA!).  


These great properties just don’t last long once discovered by cash investors.


3 Types Of Vacant Buildings In Saint Louis County That Peaks Interest


Now what peaks the interest of real estate investors in St. Louis County, MO are different things because everyone has a different investing style.


I’m sure there are many other types or more but this is just my perspective of the action that I’ve either been apart of or observed.  


  1. Unoccupied Property for a Long Time-Investors see opportunity when a vacant property has been unoccupied for a significant amount of time in Saint Louis County.  If the upkeep on the property is suffering a bit, then the chances are better that the owner wants to sell it.
  2.  The Proverbial 3 Bed/2 Bath Vacant Buildings in Saint Louis County-These properties are considered GOLD to many real estate investors.  These are the most sought after vacant residential buildings in St. Louis County, MO. and probably in any market.
  3.  Properties Where Active Cash Buyers Are Acquiring Real Estate-Savvy investors ears, eyes and toes perk up when vacant buildings in Saint Louis County are available.  But knowing that cash buyers are buying left and right where you purchased a vacant property can be a blessing in disguise. 



Why Vacant Buildings In Saint Louis County Are Bought Fast


The property values are better in St. Louis County compared to most places within the city limits per square mile.  


Investors see that and quickly form a decision to put their capital towards projects that will give them a better return on investment.


Some may dispute consistent and increasing property values as a factor to why these properties are purchased fast.


I can’t think of too many other reasons to support anything different than better property values.


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Saint Louis County Owned Property-Real Estate Investors Want It Now!

Saint Louis County Owned Property

Saint Louis County owned property is usually cheaper than normal in most of the area.  


The county has a responsibility to other residents to keep things in order so it acquires real estate occasionally.  


This is mainly due to unpaid taxes and a few “don’t wanters” that make up the inventory for the county.  

Saint Louis County Owned Property Inventory Taxes


Residents and non residents of Saint Louis County, MO from time to time may not be able to make payments on their property taxes.  


When this happens the county will record the non payment as part of the public real estate tax record.  


Also every August the county gives investors an opportunity to invest in their tax deed sale which happens the first Monday of the final week.  


This can be the equivalent to Christmas for many investors especially if they get a deal of a lifetime.  


Real estate investors can earn 18% annually for Saint Louis County owned property tax lien certificates.  


It’s a public auction bidding process where the county collects delinquent taxes from the highest bidder.  


The State of Missouri does three offerings for property where the redemption period is 1 year for the first and second offering.  


The BEST offering is the third where the redemption period is only 90 days for which the process of obtaining the property can begin.


How ‘Don’t Wanters’ Become Saint Louis County Owned Property


Occasionally the county acquires property from ‘don’t wanters’ or homeowners who the county can’t locate.  


Many years of unpaid taxes and citations for thing like high grass or other physical distress of the property occur.  


Abandonment of property happens and the county will act accordingly within the parameters of real property laws from the state of Missouri.  


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STL Investment Properties To Build Your Real Estate Business

STL Investment Properties To Build Your Real Estate Business

The opportunities are boundless with Stl Investment properties all over our unique Saint Louis, Missouri area.  


Real estate investors are working feverishly to find the best deals while inventory levels appear to be getting lower.  


From 2008 to 2010, property prices were at a low level due the the massive economic crisis that the entire world saw.


Only savvy investors saw opportunities then and the same will happen in the future.  


There will be another time where panic sets in and everyone is quickly selling off their assets.  


But the savvy investor will remain calm and strike similar to a viper on its prey.  


Stl investment properties can do just that for your portfolio.


Build Your Stl Investment Properties Team


The most important task for an investor is to build their team properly.  


Having someone to do simple property evaluations is priceless and will save a lot of time and money.  


Knowing your numbers has never been so important because it can be a huge factor in terms of productivity as well.  


Whether you find Stl investment properties off market rather than the multiple listing services (MLS) can make a serious difference.  


When a real estate investor markets for a motivated seller the chances are high that it will be a distressed property.  


These are under valued gems for investors who want to focus on Stl investment properties.  


Advice For Real Estate Success & Failures 


Building a great real estate business isn’t that hard and obstacles can and will occur.  


If you are on a shoe string budget, then consider pumping out a bunch of free content to attract your target audience.  


Blogging, making YouTube videos and learning other social media marketing platforms can be the difference between success and failure.


Don’t let ‘failure’ bother you or become a barrier between your goals of building a nice real estate business.  


Embrace it because it will happen and be prepared to lessen the blow (sort of speak).  


Stl investment properties can assist in your future and help build your business to new make sure you’re ready.

Distressed St Louis Properties Cheaper Investments Then Or Now?

distressed st louis properties

With inventory levels shrinking in many parts of the country, are distressed St Louis Properties cheaper than they were a few years back?  


I’m not sure if they are or not but I will give my commentary on the matter.  


I will try to keep out statistics because sometimes they can be confusing even though validity isn’t questioned.  


Only my “humble” opinions will be on display to make every thing more understanding.  


I will attempt to make both cases for the “wise” real estate investor.  


Distressed St Louis properties are cheaper investments when the market is under duress.  

As you saw back around 2008 during the market crash, real estate as intrinsically cheap because so many folks lost their homes.  


Prices were very low and it was pretty grim because of the nature of the entire market.  


If you are reading this and you’re in a different city then chances are your area was very similar during that time.  


There were banks that had loads of inventory on their books and were selling at a discount.  


Many people were losing their jobs and of course foreclosures rose to record highs.  

Real estate brokers in St. Louis were going through tough times as well.  


I wasn’t in business at the time but real estate was something that I was studying back then but didn’t take the jump.  


Boy Oh Boy, I  Wished that I would’ve because distressed St Louis properties were low cost and readily available. 


Distressed St Louis properties are more expensive right now.

Low inventory levels are a great indication that the demand for real estate is high.


Now does that mean the ENTIRE market is expensive?  


Not necessarily in every city but this is how distressed St Louis properties may be available to few:  


There’s a small segment of people who just simply need to sell a property for what ever the reason could be.  


More opportunities occur for investors in this small market and the price really isn’t a factor.  


It’s simply all about opportunity and a need to sell a property.


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Saint Louis County Property Auction Or Tax Sale Every August?

saint louis county property auction

Someone asked me the other day, “Does Saint Louis County property auction happens in August or is it a tax sale?”  


I was a little befuddled about the question because I never knew a whole lot about it.


But for some reason I did remember something about it being in the month of August.  


A public auction is “held on behalf of a government in which the property to be auctioned is either property owned by the government, or property which is sold under the authority of a court of law or a government agency with similar authority.”


And a tax sale is the forced sale of property (usually real estate) by a governmental entity for unpaid taxes by the property’s owner.  


In all actuality, Saint Louis County property auction is a tax sale under the tax lien model where a lien is being sold on the property.  


When Is Saint Louis County Property Auction Tax Sale?


The tax sale for St. Louis County is held annually on the first Monday of the final week of August.


St. Louis County Tax Sale saint louis county property auction


Its the terminology that can be confusing but it’s basically an “auction tax sale” of unpaid taxes, interest and fees.  


Once the property owner pays their taxes, payment of the entire investment plus interest of 18% (or more) will be due to the purchaser of the tax lien.


Other markets have weekly auctions that are tax deed sales instead where the entire property is for sale.


Saint Louis County does three offering sales which consists of properties that have unpaid taxes for the last three years.  


In essence the property can be acquired after the third offering stage if the property taxes are still unpaid for another year.  


The process of acquiring real property can be attained after the tax lien owner goes unpaid for his investment.  


I would highly recommend speaking to a representative at the Saint Louis County Collector of Revenue office and or a local real estate attorney for any further information.


Available “Saint Louis County Property Auction” Type Deals!

Solid Houses for Sale By Owner Saint Louis MO Area

Houses For Sale By Owner Saint Louis

There are solid houses for sale by owner Saint Louis MO that are off market.  


St. Louis, MO. is known for a lot of things such as The Arch, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, Anheuser Busch brewery, thin crust St. Louis style pizza and many other things.  


Some reputable companies are headquartered in St. Louis as well such as Express Scripts, Centene, Emerson Electric, etc.  


The metropolitan area is heavily populated in addition having around 3 million people.  


There are many awesome small businesses here too which is way housing is very important.


In this area housing is dominated by the ranch style 3 bedroom 2 bath and 2 car garage in a lot of areas.  


As a result, investors love houses for sale by owner Saint Louis MO or in any market almost.


Benefits From Houses For Sale By Owner Saint Louis MO


Investors may agree that houses for sale by owner in Saint Louis MO can help portfolios. 


Many houses that are for sale by owner are available off market to eliminate extra costs such as realtor fees.  


While purchasing this type of asset you can focus on cash flow, fix and flip or any other style of investing.  


Most of all, cash real estate investors will love the value that bank owned type properties bring to their bottom line.


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Are Bank Owned Homes In Saint Louis MO Worth The Hassle?

bank owned homes in saint louis mo

There are great opportunities with bank owned homes in Saint Louis MO especially when the inventory is available to do so but acquiring them can sometimes be a headache.  Purchasing bank owned properties in St. Louis in any market can be a pain especially if you are a newbie.


Are Bank Owned Homes In Saint Louis MO Attainable? 


It’s really not a hard concept or process to purchase REO’s or bank owned homes but a lot of your mistakes can be minimized while working with the representative of the bank which will likely be a licensed real estate agent or broker.  


Also, it may be outsourced to a real estate company depending on the size of the bank or a publicly traded bank like BOA (Bank of America), etc.


The real estate professional in charge will guide you or your own agent can get involved too to ease the process.  


Real estate can be challenging regardless what any guru will tell you but patience and planning will rule the day.  


Paying cash for these properties will also lesson some of the pitfalls because it’s a presumably easy transaction.


Cash investors will definitely love this because time consumption is always a factor and that’s something that you can’t get back.  


Bank Owned Homes In Saint Louis, MO Cash Investors Wanted Here!

Saint Louis MO. Cash Flow Deals For Investors

Saint Louis MO Cash Flow Deals

Saint Louis MO cash flow deals for investors when real estate is purchased in the St Louis, MO. are widely available.  


Purchasing property for cash flow is not a new thing but sometimes new investors make so many mistakes by looking at other things such as the rental income more so than the expense side.  


This can get confusing regardless of where it occurs or who is investing.  

How Can Saint Louis MO Cash Flow Deals Work?


If your income after expenses is in the negative then you may want to seek out an experience investor who is efficient in cash flow deals.  


Another option is to get an accountant who is an expert and has real estate clients as well.  


In Saint Louis MO cash flow deals occur quite often and investors are looking for discounted properties to make more deals happen.  


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